Holidays and sports go well together – 3 reasons why


Whether it’s your family’s Thanksgiving Day turkey bowl, holiday season college bowl games or the NHL New Year’s Day Winter Classic, sports are interchangeable with holidays. And for a good reason; they go hand-in-hand.

But why is this? Is there a reason that sports and vacations align perfectly? Or is it merely a coincidence of great scheduling?

Let us take a look at why sports and vacations go so well together:

  1. Whether in the huddle on the field or huddled around the TV in the living area, sports and vacations are an ideal marriage.

Both bring people together, either through the powerful bond of family or the powerful friendship of comradery. Or, a lot of times, both. We want to spend some time with all the people we identify with, and there is no better way to connect with loved ones or distant relatives than through sports.

The holidays are an ideal time to go to family near and far and spend some quality time together. And usually, that means taking in a game or two.

2. Sports and vacations generally bring out the very best in people.

Athletes always need to be the best, always want to play their best and never want to lose. Holidays are the same.

Who doesn’t need to be at their best during the holiday season? Whether it’s giving the best gifts or using the best decorations, or being on their best behaviour, everybody turns it on for the holidays, except maybe the occasional grinch or scrooge, of course.

This time of year is dedicated to getting the best ugly sweater!

3. Bringing The Prep

Whether you have an upcoming game or an impending holiday dinner to sponsor, there is just one way to succeed: planning.

To be successful in athletics, you need to train, practice, exercise, research and prep mentally to be ready for the area, pitch, court or ice. Well, the same is true for a holiday dinner.

To host a successful holiday dinner, you need to train and practice, so you understand how to cook the meal properly. You have to work out and study the correct time to go to the supermarket, and you have to be emotionally prepared for things that go wrong or that one cousin with food allergies.

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