What makes a good pool cue?

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Pool or billiards is a one-on-one sport. Besides the fact that it is an extraordinary sport, it is not a regular competition between teams. It is about somebody’s skill in logic, strategy, and physics more than it is brute strength. 

There is equipment involved. Pool balls and cues, to be exact. Both players shoot the balls into pockets using their cues. Whoever gets to shoot the most of them and the right ball wins, whether you’re playing solids and stripes or a 9-ball game. The balls are definitely beyond anybody’s control during the first break. Anything that will happen after that may have a high probability of getting controlled with the help of a cue stick. So what really makes a good pool cue?

It should serve its purpose.

Alignment should, at all costs, enable a player to reach, however necessary, to get a ball into the pocket. In using a low-quality cue stick, there is a considerable chance that it will not perform accurately. So have a check of how straight the cue is when you are buying. Assess it’s straightness by holding the end of the cue at eye level, as you stare down its length up to its tip. As you observe keenly, slowly spin the cue stick in your hands to see the entire surface. Check for bumps, misalignment, and abnormalities or rough edges. Buy a cue that you know is perfectly straight. Ensure your cue is from a quality and reputable billiard store.

It has the right weight.

Kids and some who are a little vertically-challenged settle for 48-inch cue sticks. To start the game, heavier and shorter cue sticks are used to break the balls off. With skilled shots, a lighter and thinner cue is much preferred. So, after checking for the straightness of a cue stick, have a feel for further checking. The average weight is 18.5 ounces. And yes, the weight affects your shot. So give time in gauging the weight you prefer. Note that the heaviest part of the cue is the butt, and the thickest part is the shaft. As you get a hold of an option, don’t settle for something too heavy in your backhand.

It feels comfortable in your grip.

For the most of any billiards or pool game, tournament, competition, you’ll be holding on to your cue stick. Every grip affects your shot, reflects your skills, and pacifies extreme emotion when everything gets exciting, tense, or tough. It is the part of the cue that comes in direct contact with your skin. Therefore, it just right to address and consider comfort if you plan on pursuing the night. Meaning, check for smoothness and wrap with leather and linen if you deem appropriate.

what makes a good pool cue?

It is easy to manage.

Some people possess sweaty hands. If this occurs while shooting pool, it’s a big deal. Therefore, they will need to be cleaned now and then and maintained. Or between fiberglass and bare wood, some may need to wear special gloves.

In terms of manageability, there are also cue sticks that are disassembled for easy storage, transportation, and portability. If you opt for this kind, it assures you of that confidence that wherever you go, your cue stick is there. You’re well-equipped with the only weapon you need in any pool battle.

It has no ripple effect.

After doing a shot, make sure there’s no vibrating setback to your hand after you hit the cue ball. Listen for unusual sounds the contact creates as your stick hits the cue ball. Less vibration may be observed if it gives out a softer pop sound. A cue stick that creates zero vibration costs more than any other kind. 

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