Appearance pressures can take toll on guys mental health


This is not something just affecting young guys either; it is extensively reported across a variety of age groups. And it is harmful. Study shows it may result in depression, steroid abuse and even suicide.

More commonly, however, it coincides with penalizing gym routines, too strict dieting, and insistent nervous thoughts, all of which may add up to have a severe effect on daily functioning. This pressure for guys to appear “perfect” is just one reason why there has been a growth in the number of men using makeup.

For these guys, practical support is required to fight male body dissatisfaction, but it is seriously tough to discover. For example, only 3% of research published in a major global eating disorders journal attempted to stop eating disorders.

There’s also been a rise in brands promoting protein shakes, cosmetic surgery, waxing products, cosmetics and cellulite lotions directly at guys.

Psychotherapist and author Susie Orbach has written widely about why guys and girls feel dissatisfied with their physical appearance. She’s described how “companies mine our bodies for gains “. Or, in other words, they market look insecurity to sell products. It’s this that should be handled if men’s and women’s body dissatisfaction is to be decreased.

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