Can caffeine improve your performance?


New studies say yes it can!

Coffee has become one of the most popular beverages on the planet.

Apart from enjoying the flavour, the most critical reason we drink coffee is to inject caffeine into our blood. Caffeine can keep you awake, increase endurance, enhance your concentration, improve cognitive performance, and improve short-term memory and problem-solving abilities.

Also, it can enhance physical performance.

A meta-analysis is a technique that enables us to combine results from several studies to gauge the actual effect.

Our review included over 300 critical studies with over 4,800 participants.

We found improvements in sports performance after caffeine ingestion that vary from 2% to 16%.

A certain amount of individual experimentation is required to learn if caffeine will enhance your exercise performance or give you a headache.

But for anyone looking for easy ways to get a small performance advantage, getting more caffeine in your bloodstream could be the ticket.

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